Patent Grant in One Year for Non-Startup’s. It’s possible?

Yes, its very much possible. There are two ways to getting your patent application examined in 6 months according to the new Rules published by the Indian Patent Office: 1. If you are a startup – with Start-up Registration Certificate you can file Form-18A with the relevant fees to get the patent application examined and thereafter grant in a years time (total time from the date of filing From-18A). 2. Even if you are not a start, still you can file From-18A, Provided That You have filed an international application selecting Indian patent Office as an International Searching Authority and From-18 is filed subsequently. Second method requires additional fees for filing PCT application and Forom-18A. We can help you in the entire process. Reach us on: 020647059690 9112299453

Type of Invention and Technology: The complexity of the invention and the field of technology it belongs to can influence the time it takes to process a patent application. Some technologies may require more in-depth examination and thus take longer.

Quality of the Patent Application: A well-drafted, clear, and comprehensive patent application is more likely to go through the examination process smoothly and quickly. The application should clearly define the invention and its novelty.

Expedited Examination Programs: Many patent offices offer expedited examination programs (e.g., Track One in the United States) that allow for faster processing of patent applications in exchange for higher fees.

Efficiency of the Patent Office: The efficiency and workload of the patent office can greatly affect the processing time. Some patent offices may have faster processing times due to streamlined procedures or prioritization of certain types of inventions.

Response Time to Office Actions: Timely responses to any queries or objections from the patent office can help speed up the examination process. Delays in responding to office actions can significantly extend the overall timeline.

Prior Art and Patentability: The amount of prior art (existing related inventions) and the complexity of assessing patentability based on that prior art can impact the processing time.

Collaboration with Patent Professionals: Working closely with experienced patent attorneys or agents who understand the patent system and can guide you through the application process can help ensure the application is in the best possible shape for expedited examination.

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