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Copyright Registration and Filing Services in India

Your art is original, it may be a source of constant income and consequently, it needs protection from infringements. The Copyright Law in India states that the owner of the original copyright/subject matter needs to register with the Copyright Office in India because it gives legal protection against infringers and other notorious copyright violators.

The work must be original. The terms of copyright protection vary consistently with the type of artwork that is created. The term may extend the protection for the entire life of the creator and 60 years beyond that. A procedure of granting a Copyright in India starts with the filing of a copyright application in the Copyright office.

In case there is an objection, you need to respond promptly. Once everything has been sorted out, you need to collect the copyright registration certificate issued by the Copyright Office of India.

Getting your copy registered can be a complicated process and this is where Brainiac IP Solutions can provide you indispensable help. We are one of the best copyright registration companies in India. We try to understand the client first.

Often, no matter how elegant the piece of art is, the creator fails to give it proper and deserving recognition in the local as well as global market. In most of the cases, although they are aware of the need, it is a complex and comprehensive procedure, and requires professional help.

The officials at the Copyright Registration Office in India will explore all original printed as well as published works. The Copyright Office in India has also created an online copyright filing facility and since August 2014, this is the only mode of applying for the copyright – no physical application of copyright filing in India is allowed through a brick-and-mortar Copyright office.

One of the biggest benefits of filing your copyright application online is that you can monitor the status of your application at every stage. It also speeds up obtaining the copyright registration. Brainiac IP Solutions can guide you through the entire process of copyright registration and also provide answers to all your queries regarding various copyright registration requirements. Give us a call today to know more.


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