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Freedom-to-Operate analysis is also known as FTO analysis, and ideally it should be done before launching or commercializing a product in a particular country/jurisdiction.It may so happen that whether you have a patent or not, the product is totally, or some of its aspects, may be protected by other live patents in that particular jurisdiction, and if this issue is left unattended, it may cause you lots of legal hassle.

In developing countries, it’s a very commonly-seen infringement-related problem: cases are often filed by companies or by the patent trolls to weasel out money through blackmail. Even when it happens in developed countries, the cost of litigation is very high. And all this, when it can be easily avoided through a timely Freedom-to-Operate analysis by a competent company.

Advantages of FTO

  • They generally perform at paid database, which have coverage and user interactive compared to non-paid databases.
  • They have better understanding of patent law; patent criterias with respect to analysis of documents.
  • They give better opinion ; for example even though your invention is patentable subject matter, you may conclude that your invention is not patentable by inefficient analysis. Similarly, even though your invention is not patentable, but you may be ended with opinion of patentable subject matter. So, a patent analyst can provide better opinion over you.
  • Reading patent is complex and tedious. Patent analyst would be having better skill set to which part of the documents need to be verified.
  • Reporting would be better, Eventhough, you perform search, representation of search report is crucial. So, better report you will be getting from the patent analyst. Look at our sample report how we represent patentability search. Report is one of need when you are a company or an agency.

Here is a general outline of the steps involved in conducting an FTO patent search and obtaining an opinion:

  1. Define the scope of the search: Determine the specific product or process to be searched and define the geographical area of the search.
  2. Conduct the search: Search through patent databases and other relevant sources to identify relevant patents. This may involve keyword searches, classification searches, and review of prior art.
  3. Evaluate the patents: Evaluate the patents (claims of the live patents only) identified in the search to determine their relevance to the product or process under consideration. This may involve reviewing the claims, specifications, and drawings of the patents.
  4. Prepare the opinion: Based on the results of the search and evaluation, prepare a written opinion that summarizes the findings and provides an assessment of the risk of infringement.
  5. Review the opinion: The written opinion should be reviewed by legal counsel to ensure its accuracy and completeness.

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