Patent Drafting Services

IP Patent Drafting Services in India

We have technical and experienced professionals from different fields who can help you draft patent applications immaculately.

The draft is first reviewed by senior experts for the scope of the invention and then revised again by a third person for any grammatical, nomenclature or numerical errors. Then it is sent for review.

After final amendments and approval from the client and after the completion of other formalities, it is filed with the respective patent office.

Patent drafting in India must be done very carefully by knowing the existing scope of technology and the available open space for protection.

Normally, a patent professional skilled in a particular technology domain is preferred for drafting the patent application. On the other hand, if you simply work with a legal professional who has little or no experience in your domain, he or she may find it confusing and may solely rely on the information provided, due to the limitation of his or her technical understanding.

People tend to file the provisional application with only objects of the invention. Failure to broadly describe the invention and multiple alternatives may lead to an ineffective application, which is generally post-dated to the date of filing of the complete specification.

If you have a great technology, you can patent it, but if the patent application is drafted weekly or insufficiently, it leaves many ways for the competitors to bypass your patent application by doing minor modifications in the technology, which is sufficient enough to bypass claims of your patent.

Additionally, for writing a description, there are different requirements and a failure to adhere to those requirements may result in the rejection of your patent application.

Therefore, it is very important to collaborate with a professional IP solutions service like Brainiac for Patent Claim Drafting Services in India. Contact us to know more about how we can help you draft a failsafe patented application for your organisation, University or individual effort.


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