1. Invented in 1965 – Eric Arthur “Doc” Johnson published the first paper on the invention of touchscreen
2. Patented granted in 1969 – Patent No: US 3482241, Title: Touch Display, Inventor: JOHNSON ERIC ARTHUR
3. First used in 1973 In March 1972, after a few days, Stumpe presented a proposal to build a touch screen with a fixed number of programmable buttons central control hub in 1973 and remained in operation until 2008
4. 1980 HP & GM – HP-150, a computer featuring a 9-inch CRT display with Touchscreen. General Motors used touchscreen majorly for input and output in the vehicles.
5. 1982 Nimish Mehta invented multi-touch screen – Nimish Mehta from University of Toronto introduced Multi-Touch Technology. By 1985, they’ve invented a multi-touch tablet that uses capacitance.
6. 1987 Casio – Pocket Computer Casio also made commercial PB-100 pocket computer. It featured a touchscreen with 16 touch areas on its Led-crystal Display, LCD, graphic screen.
7. 1994 – IBM TS Phone Simon – The first touchscreen phone was made commercially available by IBM in 1994, called Simon hvaing basic apps–email, an alarm clock, to-do list, and faxing.
 8. 2007 – IPhone by Steve Jobs – It paved the way for the creation of various applications and facilitated the easy access to vast information resources, all with a simple touch. As of now, touchscreen technology remain an essential element

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