Responding to Office Action

Drafting Response to First Examination Report in India

The office action term is mostly used by the US patent office. It is also referred to as an “examination report”. The patent application is examined only if the associated examination fee is paid by the applicant.

In most of the developed countries, the process of examination is further divided into search and examination. The applicant can pay search fees and examination fees separately.

The case is different with the Indian patent office. The request for examination includes both search and examination fees. Further, it is very important that you respond to all the objections raised by the examiner on the legal aspects such as novelty and specifically inventive step/non-obviousness.

Every country has its own set of steps to determine non-obviousness. Therefore, it is advisable to go through the experts to prepare a response and comply with all the necessary formalities.

We have the needed expertise in handling examination from India, US and the European countries directly.


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