Trademark Renewal Services

Trademark Renewal Services in India

The trademark renewal process in India must be started six months before your trademark registration expires, and this timeframe is different for different countries. Trademark protection is accorded for a period of 10 years initially, and once this period has elapsed, you must apply for the renewal.

The process of corporate trademark renewal pune is initiated when the applicant pays a certain prescribed amount with an application to renew the trademark in India.

Can you get your trademark renewed after it has expired? Yes, after paying the penalty for the late fee. You can apply for trademark renewal at intervals of six months. The problem is, if the trademark is not renewed or revived even once during six months from the date of its expiry, the trademark is taken off the Trademark Register.

But there is no need to worry. Even if the trademark has been removed, it can be restored by filing an associate degree application for the restoration of the trademark and get it back into the Trademark Register. You may have to pay an extra fee for the six-month-delay and then at intervals of one year after the expiry date.

It goes without saying that if your trademark is not revived or renewed, you have to again go through the procedure of submitting the prescribed amount and resubmit the filing application for the registration of the trademark.

Patents, copyrights and industrial-style trademarks may have a lifespan, but this is not the case for your registered trademark. Although you may go on using your trademark without legal implications, if it is taken off the trademark maintenance pune, you may be subjected to infringement, losing your trademark in the process.

Our trademark renewal services also include preparation or asking for trademark renewal service. We have our own indigenous quality-review method that will ensure that the application for the renewal is submitted on time and within the recommended procedures.

We take all the measures to ensure that the trademark docket is updated as your trademark maintenance pune. Brainiac IP Solutions provides trademark renewal services in India as well as for international trademark renewal needs. Contact us today for more information.


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