Infringement Analysis

Patent Infringement Search & Analysis Services in India

What is patent infringement? Selling a product or using an idea that is patented by someone else can be termed as patent infringement.

On the other hand, filing a patent application or conducting experiment or research on a patented product does not amount to infringement.

Patent infringement search is judication-specific and involves extensive study of the launched products and services on various online portals as well as off-line outlets and offices. In the absence of a qualified patent infringement search and analysis service, you don’t only lose lots of revenue, you may also lose your invention.

Patent analysis helps you identify and scuttle counterfeit market. A well-drafted patent with a broader scope leaves minimal scope for competitors to bypass your patent.

If you have a granted patent and you are using it commercially by manufacturing or selling a product thereof, it is very important that you check if someone else is directly or indirectly infringing your granted patent.

We are well-equipped to conduct qualified patent infringement analysis and can generate detailed reporting  in Europe, US, Asia, South Africa, the Latin American countries, India, and other major markets across the globe.


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