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PatBiz System – Better R&D, Smoother Patenting & Minimum 30% More Revenue

Why you need PatBiz System?

You invest in R&D to innovate. You patent your innovation to protect your interests. Filing for a patent seems to be the simplest way of protecting your invention and maximizing your profits.

But when it comes to calculate ROI, most of the companies consider the value of the patent based on the sales made from the patented product. This is not that correct. Even without patenting you would have made the sales with R&D alone.

The right questions to ask when you valuate Patents are:

  • Has your competition decreased?
  • Has your market share increased?
  • Do your competitors find it difficult to launch a similar product due to your patents?

Your patent must achieve the above objectives. This is how you validate the ROI of patenting. Otherwise, it is just an expenditure on patenting, not an investment, which is generates revenue in return.

What is PatBiz System?

  • The PatBiz System has been developed by Brainiac after extensively studying the R&D and patenting patterns of several MNCs across the globe. We have identified the common patterns and simplified them for easier understanding. They can be aligned with your business vision. They are implementable.
  • Every business or organization has unique needs and goals.
  • Our highly skilled team of consultants is committed to delivering tailored solutions to help you achieve success.

Can your company leverage the PatBiz System?

  • This system is useful for companies willing to file several patents and not just one or two.
  • If your company does not have regular R&D activity, then this system is not useful for your company.

What will you get from the PatBiz System?

  • Strategic Planning: Our experts will help you develop a comprehensive strategy to reach your goals. We will closely work with you to identify areas of improvement and develop achievable plans for growth.
  • Business Transformation: Our consultants will help you identify and implement changes that will improve your business performance. We will help you create a roadmap for success. This will include developing new processes and systems to improve R&D and the patenting activity.
  • Leadership Development: Our experts will help you develop and empower your leaders to reach their potential. We will help you create a culture of learning and innovation and provide the tools and resources to support growth and development.
  • Technology Solutions: Our consultants can help you identify and implement technology solutions that will improve your business performance. We will help you develop a strategy to maximize the use of technology, resulting in streamline processes and increased efficiency.

Advantages of the PatBiz System:

  1. Clearer goal setting.
    a)Identifying realistic and unrealistic goals.
  2. Actionable competitor analysis.
  3. Understanding your strengths, weakness and present capacity.
  4. Defining a strategy for development of the patent portfolio.
  5. Aligning your R&D with your strategy.
  6. Implementation and orientation of the strategy.

How much time does the PatBiz System take to show results?

  • It takes at least 3 to 5 years to show solid results.
  • R&D and patenting activities need to be aligned periodically during these years.
  • Applying the PatBiz System to a smaller section of your R&D will show early results.


  • Trying out new things can reveal new possibilities and opportunities that may not have been apparent previously.
  • Newer approaches can also help broaden your knowledge and skills. They accentuate personal growth and development.
  • Being open to trying out new things also helps you become confident and resilient as you become used to overcoming fears and doubts.


  • Young Entrepreneur Award – 2017 to Mr. Suneet Sabale.
  • Global Achiever’s Award – 2016 to Mr. Suneet Sabale.
  • Emerging Markets Business Awards “Best IP Solution” by CV MAGAZINE.
  • Company Excellence Award “India’s Leading Service Provider (IP Solutions)”.
  • “Top 25 Most Promising and Business Products and Services” listed by CEO Insights.
  • “Top 30 Most Valuable Consultants” listed by Insight Success Magazine.
  • “Top 20 Promising Legal Consultants of Year” listed by Silicon India.

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