Importance of Trademark Watch


We see trademarks as unique creations for your brand and a customized watch parameter can prevent the misuse of your trademark! Trademark is an important IP asset that adds considerable value to your business. A trademark can command tremendous reputation and goodwill. Therefore, it is important we diligently protect our trademark from being infringed by others. Trademark Watch helps in tracking existing and potential trademarks. It also helps in identifying similar trademarks that might cause public confusion or has the potential to dilute your trademark’s reputation.

Why Trademark Watch?

Once your trademark is registered, you may think your trademark is exclusively protected from other similar marks in the market. But, this is not always the case. New trademark applications are subject to individual judgement by a trademark examiner. An examiner without knowledge of a specific trademark may still approve a new mark with competing similarities.

Trademark watch is extremely essential to preventing this situation from occurring, and protecting your legal rights. To protect your important trademark from potential infringement with the third party, trademark status and trademark watching is performed for both word and device marks. Trademark watch reports give you the data you have to act rapidly against the trademark that may be confusingly like yours. For word marks, recently distributed indistinguishable and phonetically indistinguishable trademark in all the trademark classes, in addition, to a confusingly comparative trademark in one class.

For device marks, we report recently published identical or similar trademarks in a class or classes similar to yours. English interpretations of Goods and Services are included for most registers at no extra cost. To protect their trademark from being infringed by others and for a timely opposition, many a time trademark status monitoring services are sought by clients wherein marks published in the Trademark journal need to be watched and clients are alerted in a case similar trademarks appear. This service helps one to file for timely oppositions so that registration of similar trademarks can be avoided.

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