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Trademark Search Services in India

The more distinctive your brand name is, the more effective will be your business identity in the market.

Since your business success depends on your trademark, it is very important that you partner with a trusted and dependable trademark service attorney which will make sure that your organization or your business has a trademark that will stand you for years and bring you the recognition you deserve.

Just in case a similar name exists, the likelihood of getting your trademark registered is remote. Therefore, an advance trademark search is vital for you before applying/filing a trademark application.

A detailed trademark search can estimate whether another person or organization has already registered a similar trademark. Despite that, if you adopt such trademark and even get your mark registered, you can attract trademark infringement proceedings that will be catastrophic for your business.

Infringement cases will cost you lots of money, will sully your reputation, and may even force you to shut down your business.

Finding similar trademarks will also help you to assess the strength of your own brand within your market.

Our search report will include identical or similar word marks/logo search and phonetic search. We will also give our professional opinion on whether registering your trademark is feasible or not. Consequently, our report will play a crucial role in the entire process.

At Brainiac, we offer the best trademark search services for major countries of the world. We have a team of experienced professionals which makes us one of the best Trademark Search and Registration Companies in India.

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