Patent Filing & Prosecution Services

Patent Filing and Registration Services in India

Filing of a patent application in India requires several forms and signatures of inventors, applicant or authorized signatory and attorney/agent. If anyone of the form is not filed, it may be a good reason for revocation as well as rejection. E.g. very few applicants know that Form-3 needs to be filed with the Indian patent office after six months updating the patent office with the change in the status of the patent application in other countries. Similarly, every country has their own requirements. Our associates worldwide ensure that all such compliances are done will in time preventing future negative repercussions. Our team of experts will help you with Indian Patent FIling Procedure in the shortest period of time.


1. Form-1: – From-1 has Full Name and Address of Applicant and Inventors. Signature of Inventors to assign all the rights to the applicant. The Form-1 can be signed by the Applicant, or Authorized Patent Agent only.  Its also referred as proof of rights. As the inventors sign to assign all the rights to the applicant.

2. Form-2: – From-2 is the patent draft, containing, Title, Abstract, Complete patent specification, Claims and figures.

3. Form-3: – Undertaking in case there is no foreign filing done for this application. If there is any foreign filing, then you have to provide such details in a table.

4. Form-5: – Declaration as to Inventor-ship. List of all the true inventors

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