Reply to Objection

Drafting Reply to Trademark Objection

Although the trademark registration process is reasonably straightforward, sometimes the examiner may contact you for further clarifications or in case there are some discrepancies in the application. In such situations, you need professional help because whether your trademark is registered or not, depends on the sort of response you give.

After your trademark application has been submitted, it is examined by the trademark office and then it is published in the official trademark journal. This is so that all the concerned parties get to know that the process to register this particular trademark has been initiated. If no third-party opposes the trademark registration, the application is advertised and registered.

During the examination stage, the trademark office will examine the information provided in the application to make sure that the information is correct and in proper order. The trademark office also checks for products and services mentioned by the firm, if they are in proper order.

During the examination and processing, they can make objections on Absolute Grounds as well as Relative Grounds, and in both the cases, you must know how to respond.

Our team at Brainiac IP Solutions can help you respond to the examination reports (objections and questions) raised by the trademark office within its due deadline and guide you through each step. We help draft responses to trademark objections within time.

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