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    Your art is unique, and it needs protection from infringers, the Copyright Law in India states that the owner of the unique product or service needs to register with the Copyright Office in India because it will give legal protection to that product or service against infringers and other notorious copyright breakers. Proprietary work might be literary, dramatic, musical or inventive work.

    What is explored for, is originality of the work!

    The terms of protection vary consistently with the type of labor. The entire term of protection for piece of writing is that the author’s life and sixty years beyond that. A procedure of granting a Copyright in India starts with the step of filing a copyright application in the Copyright office, responding to the objection, if raised within the examination report and getting copyright registration certificate that is issued by the Copyright office in India.

    At Brainiac, we try to understand our clients first, because many a times, people have tendency to create an elegant piece of art but they fail to give it the proper and deserved recognition in the local as well as global market, not that they are unaware of the process, but we always try to keep this process friendly and simple for our valuable clients.

    Officials at Copyright Registration Office in India will explore all original printed as well as unpublished works. The Copyright Office in India has created online Copyright Filing facility obligatory with the result from first of the August 2014, and, therefore, no physical application of copyright filing in India is allowed within the Copyright Office, India. Copyright registration in India will be obtained through the online filing of copyright applications, which might facilitate the applicant or author to get the copyright registration certificate quickly as possible, and, will monitor the standing of copyright application through the E-filing facility.

    Our specialized team at Brainiac IP Solutions will guide you through Copyright issues and your questions such as:

    • How to copyright my art?
    • How to copyright my book?
    • How to obtain a copyright?
    • How to copyright my logo?
    • How to register my company name for copyright in India?

    Together with all your queries regarding the procedure for registration of copyright.